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How to Set Up Singer 7 and Consew 7 to use Style 41 (S41) Pre-wound Bobbins

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One of the best upgrades for your Class 7 industrial sewing machine is switching from the metal operator wound under bobbins used in the early 1900s to the pre-wound Style 41 bobbins (We detailed the advantages here). 
You’ll need a bobbin pin in the shuttle casing to keep the pre-wound bobbin centered.  Here are step by step instructions on how to complete the easy one time set up:

Step One – Remove Hook and Casing from Machine
Step Two – Release Bobbin Case from Hook Frame

Singer Class 7 Hook and Bobbin Case Release
Step Three – Remove Retaining Screw from Base of Bobbin Case

Singer 7 Bobbin Pin Retaining Screw Removal
Step Four – Insert Bobbin Pin into Case

Singer 7 Bobbin Pin Inserted
Step Five – Align Hole in bobbin Pin with Thread Hole in Bobbin Case Post

Singer 7 Bobbin Pin Alignment
Step Six – Reinstall Retaining Screw

Singer 7  Reinstall Bobbin Pin Retaining Screw
Step Seven – Insert Pre-wound Bobbin

Singer 7 Installing the Style 41 Prewound Bobbin

While this pin is available from your local service center for $68.00, yours will be included with your first case of thread or bobbins from Service Thread!

Contact Service Thread for your free bobbin pin, technical support, or sewing supplies.


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