Photograph of Industrial Bag Sewing Thread

Rising to the challenge in bag packaging.

We know you have choices in vendors and materials, both locally and globally, but few alternatives to sewn bag packaging, such as glue and heat sealing, are as cost effective and reliable as sewn bag closure.

This largely mechanical solution to bag closing works in a wide variety of environments. If properly maintained, bag sewing machines can run for 10 or more years. We’re committed to discovering and refining innovative thread options that offer greater value to you than any other technology.

We take enormous pride in the attention we give to each individual project. Rather than sell one-size-fits-all threads, we custom-engineer thread for what it can bring to each product in productivity. We look for innovative, common-sense ways to make improvements quickly and affordably.

Our partners have reported production increases of between 30 and 40 tons per roll using our engineered Service SuperTape. Depending on line speed, some bag closing partners will run an additional 500 tons per year from the time gained by using the higher yield tape.

No matter what’s inside, reliability is always in the bag.

Use our specialty sewing threads to close multi-wall paper bags, woven polypropylene (BOPP) bags, FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers) and bulk bags filled with seed, large animal feed, charcoal, rice and other goods.


  • Service P5 Premium Polyester Sewing Thread
  • Service PC5 Premium Poly/Cotton Sewing Thread
  • Service P4 Premium Polyester Sewing Thread
  • Service PC4 Premium Poly/Cotton Sewing Thread
  • 1000DN Polypropylene Sewing Thread
  • 1050DN Polypropylene Sewing Thread
  • 2000DN Polyester and Polypropylene Thread
  • 4000DN Polyester and PolypropyleneThread
  • Cotton Filler Cord
  • Service Supertape (premium virgin creped paper) Bag Closure Tape
  • Custom Color ID Threads
  • Striped Threads
  • 8 oz, 1 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb, 20 lb Knotless Cone
  • King Spools


  • FDA compliant sewing thread lubricant

Get the Service Thread advantage.

Besides custom-engineering bag closing thread, we consult with you personally on a long-term basis. As your single-source partner, we’re a phone call away when you need technical advice, parts replacement or machine repair for Union Special, Fischbein, Newlong and other brands.

Threads Engineered For Bag Manufacturing