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Binders, Ripcords, and Strength Member Yarns Engineered just for Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Service Thread designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative threads and yarns for wire and cable manufacturing or installation.  We design wire and cable binders, cords, and strength members to meet or even exceed your requirements for abrasion resistance, processing speed, yield, gauge and weight restrictions.

Based in North Carolina, USA, Service Thread helps wire and cable manufacturers with:

  • Extensive inventory of multi-filament yarns, from aramids like Dupont™ Kevlar® to nylon and polyester for quick shipment for standard applications, and rapid turnaround for new product development.
  • Great variety of yarn package designs - from 24 pound cheese packages, ten pound split-tubes, to one pound wardwell bobbins and braider cobbs. 
  • Specialty coated and treated yarn for wire and cable use - water blocking, nylon coated and 100 percent non-wicking yarns.
  • Technical and process engineering support - as a premier yarn processing, research, and development company, we field a technical support team that works with wire and cable operations and engineering staff at your site to make sure your most difficult product and manufacturing processes are answered with the right product or process solution. 
  • Innovation and learning with our one of a kind industry insights blog.

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Ripcords for every purpose

Service Thread develops high-performance ripcords designed to pull through armored jackets easily with no breaks or hang ups and to provide a clean cut. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered U.S. manufacturer, Service Thread can quickly determine and provide you with the best product fit for your application. Here's some basic product specifications for our most popular cable rip cords:


Nylon Ripcords

Most Popular Nylon Ripcord Constructions
Strength (lbs) Yield (yds/lb)
Diameter (in)
840/1 Nylon 18 5,300 0.0080 20 %
1050/1 Nylon 20  4,250  0.0100  22 %
1260/1 Nylon 28  3,500  0.0110  20 % 
840/1/2 Nylon 34  2,650  0.0200  21 % 
1260/1/4 Nylon 112  885  0.0420  20 % 
1680/2/3 Nylon 220 450 0.0550 22 %


Polyester Ripcords

Most Popular Polyester Ripcord Constructions
Strength (lbs) Yield (yds/lb)
Diameter (in)
1000/1 Poly 20 4400 0.0100 13%
1300/1 Poly 24 3400 0.0110 13%
1500/1 Poly 30 2800 0.0145 13%
1000/1/2 Poly 35 2070 0.0235 20%
1000/1/4 Poly 70 1035 0.0315 20%


Aramid Ripcords

Most Popular Aramid Ripcord Constructions  Strength (lbs)
Yield (yds/lb)
Diameter (in)
1000/1 Aramid 50 4400 0.0100 3-4%
1500/1 Aramid 72 2800 0.0145 3-4%
1000/1/2 Aramid 90 2070 0.0235 4-5%
1000/1/3 Aramid 140 1380 0.0300 4-5%
1500/1/2 Aramid 140 1380 0.0315 4-5%
1500/1/3 Aramid 200 935 0.0355 4-5%


*Other fibers and constructions available upon request

Dependable Binder Yarn Cobbs for Wire Braiders

Wardell, New England Butt Braiders, Herzog, Mayer, Magnatech - with many varieties of braiders used for wire and cable manufacturing, Service Thread has designed dependable flange-free cobbs as well as flanged bobbin spools to support them all. Why wind bobbins in house, a time consuming and non-value added in process step when you can get ready to braid binder yarns from Service Thread?  Here's a quick run down on popular binder yarn properties:


Most Popular Binders - Available in Wicking/Non-wicking Strength (lbs)
Yield (yds/lb)
Diameter (in)
840/1 16 5300 0.0080 13%
1000/1 20 4400 0.0100 13%
1300/1 24 2800 0.0110 13%
5040 Nylon 94 860 0.0235 20%
1000/1 Para-Aramid 50 4400 0.0100 3-4%
1500/1 Para-Aramid 72 2800 0.0145 3-4%


*Other fibers and constructions available upon request

Indentification and Marker Yarns

Using solution dyed yarns and threads for wire and cable marking and identification offers advantages over the in-house dyeing or painting options sometime used in wire bundling.  Advantage include:

  • Quick change overs with no cleaning
  • Saves time and energy with no drying required
  • Sharp contrast, clean look, multi-color options with color fastness properties

Service Thread offers more than ten standard colors of our SD Poly and can create custom shade matching for specialty applications. 

Waxed Lacing Cords for Wire and Cable Installations

Service Thread is a leading manufacturer of waxed lacing cords, commonly used in DC power installations for cable routing and retention.  Our wax coating was designed specifically for knot retention and ease of use, with feedback from our customers. And since it is made in the U.S.A., our waxed lacing cord is always available for same day shipment, with quality far superior to imported cords. 


Most Popular Waxed Polyester Lacing Cords Strength(lbs) Yield (yds/lb) Diameter (in) Package Sizes
P1000/4 75 810 0.0340 8oz, 1 lb
P1000/1/4 75 800 0.0360 8oz, 1 lb
P1000/9 160 380 0.0500 8oz, 1 lb
P1000/1/9 160 355 0.0530 8oz, 1 lb
P1000/12 215 280 0.0600 8oz, 1 lb


You need services and solutions—fast.

We customize products and services to fit you, never compromising on efficiency, shortening lead times and getting materials to you faster.

When you or your customers have questions or problems, we’re there with technical assistance and material science.


  • Yarn design
  • Packaging design
  • Process technical support
  • Same day shipping