Photograph of Sewing threads for flat webbing

Bringing new materials to lifting & rigging.

The sling, lifting, tie down and load securement industries are changing and growing. For one, we’re seeing a higher demand for round slings as an alternative to web slings and wire rope.

There’s also been a shift in the global market toward polyester and hybrid slings and away from nylon.

Then there are hybrid yarns, offering advantages in strength and weight. We seek to understand your individual engineering and design process to find the right thread type, size and sewing patterns for your products.

At the moment, tie downs are being heavily impacted by cheaper foreign imports. With this in mind, we’re exploring alternative materials offering greater value and efficiency.

As always, we source the highest-quality raw materials at the most cost-effective levels and in necessary quantities to provide you with the products that keep your plants running longer and faster.

Uncompromisingly reliable thread.

When you’re manufacturing tools for construction, crane, oil and energy, agricultural or marine applications, there’s no compromising in durability and reliability. Your product must work under the most grueling and often unpredictable conditions.

We utilize strong, synthetic heat-resistant Aramid fibers such as Kevlar®, Twaron, Technora, Spectra and Dyneema.

We’ll take a close look at your process and your product goals to ensure you’re manufacturing the strongest possible slings, truck tie downs, nets, straps and binders, fall protection and load securement products.


  • #92, #138, #207, #277, #346, #415, #554, #660 Sewbond and Sewsoft Polyester
  • #92, #138, #207, #277, #346, #415, #554, #660 Sewbond and Sewsoft Nylon
  • Style 33, 41, A, U, G, M, 58, R, L Prewound Bobbins
  • Colored Threads
  • Tracer Threads
  • Internally Bonded Threads


  • All threads are compliant with MIL-DTL-32072/V-T-285F and A-A-59826/V-T-295E
  • Berry Amendment Compliant Thread
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered

The Service Thread difference.

In addition to threads, we offer technical and design assistance, commission converting of materials, replacement machinery parts (for Singer, Juki, Cansew and many others), machinery repair and Schmetz replacement needles.

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