Custom Solutions For Your Unique Challenges 

For your special processing application or product characteristics, we coat yarns and threads with specialized chemical formulations. This includes bonded nylon, bonded polyester, non-wicking, Isocynate, hot wax, silicone emulsions and more.

Industrial Applications

Slings, heavy fabrics and materials like tarps and leather goods often require nylon-bond or polyester-bond for high-speed multi-directional sewing threads.

Hoses, belts and other manufactured rubber goods rely on our moisture-cured urethane coatings, which ensure exceptional yarn-to-rubber adhesion.

Use our non-wicking yarns for wrapping bundles of telecommunications cables, and our wax-coated yarns for lacing cable harnesses for fiber optic, copper, and DC power cord cables.

Explore Other Processes

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