Industrial Textile Fibers, Yarns and Threads

Innovative processing and product solutions to save you time

We don’t just sell industrial textile fibers and yarns; Instead, we take a systems approach to gain a deep understanding of why, what, and how you’re using a technical textile fiber, yarn, or thread.

Our goal is to build and develop strong relationships by designing value into every aspect of our client customer’s processes and products. This value engineering approach focuses on:

  • Eliminating non-value added process steps related to yarn conversion
  • Textile yarn and fiber yield measurement and improvement
  • Textile thread fiber properties engineering for processing improvements
  • Optimized delivery packaging configurations for delivery to end-users

Service Thread is revolutionizing the way companies work with industrial textile thread and yarn fibers by investing in new technologies and innovative tools.

At Service Thread, we engineer and manufacture technical textile yarns to exacting and documented quality specifications, creating materials that are made to accelerate your unique processes, limit your production downtime, and build high-performing products.

High Strength Sewing Thread for Flat Web and Web Slings

The global market has shifted to favor polyester and hybrid slings instead of simply 100 percent nylon webbing and thread. With polyester and hybrid slings proving the stronger, more secure choice for lifting and rigging, Service Thread will discover the right methods and materials to add value and efficiency to your process, delivering uncompromisingly durable, reliable thread for use in:

  • Agricultural and marine applications
  • Construction and crane applications
  • Energy industry uses
  • Slings and truck tie-downs
  • Nets, straps, and binders
  • Fall and load protection

Your product must work under the most grueling conditions. We’ll see to it that the thread you’re using results in the strongest possible products.

Service Thread, the top supplier of thread in the sling industry, also offers a state-of-the-art Service Class 7 sewing machine and ongoing support. 

Industrial Bag Sewing Thread

When it comes to open-mouth sewn bag packaging, no solution is as effective, long-lasting, or cost-efficient as a sewn bag closure which works in all environments and applications. Our custom-engineered bag threads are optimized for productivity, using our innovative, common-sense solutions to improve your entire process.

Or Service Premium Bag Thread is used by leading manufacturers of:

  • Sewn Open Mouth Multi-wall paper bags
  • Woven polypropylene (BOPP) bags
  • FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers)

Industrial Sewing Thread for Geotextile Applications

Technology and environmental concerns are reshaping the way that the industry thinks about geotextiles—and the threads that hold them together.

Service Thread stays ahead of the curve, developing new textile thread innovations in strength, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, breakage reduction, and production efficiency. Global leaders harness our geotex threads and yarns for applications that include:

  • Field turf sewing
  • Landfill liners
  • Roadbed liners
  • Baffle curtains
  • Floating covers
  • Geogrids
  • Retaining walls
  • Erosion blankets
  • Shade cloths
  • Concrete pillow forms
  • And more

Our top-selling geotex threads include bonded or soft multifilament polyester and nylon, and are available in a wide range of packages and sizes to suit all geotextile sewing equipment for peak performance and unbeatable efficiency.

Sewing Thread for Fabrics and Tarps

When it comes to industrial fabrics and tarps for agriculture and transportation, the demand is growing at breakneck speed. Service Thread is here to meet your need for tarp and cover thread that exceeds your expectations and advance your operations. We’re ready with the right thread at the right time, and work hard to stay apace with the industry’s ever-evolving needs for:

  • Truck tarps
  • Agricultural tarps and covers
  • Tarps for sports fields
  • Marine canvases
  • And more

We hold true to our name: offering both high-caliber industrial thread and spot-on service. When speed and reliability are your top priority, we’re here for you with same-day delivery, and we’ll help you choose the right thread for every job.