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Industrial Yarn Winding Innovation - Service Thread Announces New Equipment Expansion

Dietz Schell DS10E Fully Programmable Winder For Industrial ThreadService Thread has completed the purchase and installation of new technical yarn winding equipment totaling more than $500,000 USD as of June 5th 2017. 

German equipment manufacturer, Dietz + Schell Maschinenfrabrik GmbH, was selected as the best option for Service Thread’s multifilament technical yarn products that include aramid, polyester and nylon yarn winding, used by wire and cable and thermoplastic hose manufacturers. This latest version of the DS10E fully programmable winder features electronic traverse, tension control, and programmable wind ratios for precise, consistent yarn cone and tube design. 

According to COO, Jay Todd, “After just four weeks in operation we’ve seen an average operating speed increase of more than 40 percent as compared to the previous winding equipment used, and a decrease in reworking and scrap of more than 70 percent…with electronic programmable traverse lengths, the DS10e winder differs from older DS10 models in that no cam changes are necessary to setup different traverse stroke sizes, saving hours of maintenance labor and valuable production time.”

SSM TK2-20 KT Winder For Industrial Sewing ThreadSwiss machinery manufacturer SSM’s TK2-20 KT winder was chosen as the most advanced kingspool winder for Service Thread’s growing industrial sewing thread business. The SSM TK 2-20 KT winder, like the DS10e, features fully programmable electronic traverse winding for minimal downtime and precision package construction. 

SSM TK2-20 Industrial Sewing Thread Winder“In 2016 we installed our first set of TK 2-20 KT spindles to improve product consistency, crucial for demanding industrial sewing thread product requirements," said Jay Todd. Based on the success we had last year, we’ve doubled our spindle count of these winders, to support Service Thread’s core values of innovation and exceeding customer satisfaction. This expansion will allow us to not only increase production capacity but will reduce lead time and package variations for the best service and product experience for out industrial thread customers.”

Industrial Sewing Thread Technical SupportService Thread provides the best yarn and thread products, and technical support to a wide variety of customers in the wire and cable, hose, packaging, and industrial sewing industries. We pair our broad experience with assembly winding, twisting, coating, and package winding and design, with the most advanced technology to push our industry forward.

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