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Oiling a Class 7 Sewing Machine

If you are breaking in a brand new Class 7 sewing machine, it’s important to oil it correctly while it is still new, during your first months of use. Otherwise, the machine will lock up and stop working properly.

In our latest video tutorial, I show you every area on the Class 7 sewing machine that should be oiled — a total of at least 38 places. I also suggest the amount of oil you should use and the frequency of oiling depending on sewing usage.

Class 7 Sewing Machine Parts To Oil

Oiling a sewing machine helps keep all the machine parts lubricated and reduce wear. It’s important to use the right kind of oil to keep your machine in proper working order. When oiling your machine, you should only use oil specifically formulated for sewing machines. This oil has no additives which could gum up the parts and create galling. You should never use other kinds of oils like motor oil, cooking oil, heavy grease, gun oil, or 3-in-1 oil.

With 38 areas to oil, it’s important to follow closely to oil the correct points on the machine. Some points may be marked with red, but not all points will be marked in red, so be sure to pay attention to all of these points and add a drop to the following:

  • All points across the top of the machine, making sure to oil the top of the main rod
  • The top bushing of the needle bar  
  • The presser bar bushing
  • The needle bar link
  • The needle bar
  • The presser bar
  • The red-marked holes on the plate
  • All three points on the “bed;” most new machines will have brass inserts with a check ball 
  • The Feed Connecting Link, which looks like a dog bone. Be sure to oil the top and bottom holes
  • Also, with every bobbin change, you should put a single drop in the shuttle race

Timeline for Oiling

Oiling a sewing machine is not a time-intensive task. A good rule of thumb is to put a drop of oil in all the points discussed in the video at least twice per shift, depending on usage and the speed of sewing.

You should oil all points of your machine using a drop of oil on every point per every 100,000 stitches for new machines and one drop per 200,000 for general maintenance. If sewing very dense or thick webbing, you will want to increase the frequency by which you oil your machine by 25%. Likewise, if you are sewing faster than 550 RPM, again, it’s important to increase your oiling frequency by 25%.

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Free Guide: 27 Points to Oil A Class 7 Sewing Machine 

Oil each of the 27 points noted in the guide above to keep your Class 7 machine in working order. Click the button above to download it today.


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