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3 Ways Service Thread Is Transforming Industrial Thread For Manufacturers

In this video, COO, Jay Todd, Sales Manager, Steve Zande, and Technical and R&D Manager, Eric Shippee, discuss ways Service Thread advances industrial thread for manufacturers in various industries including wire and cable, web sling and tie down, industrial bags, hose reinforcement and more. Through modern technology, innovative materials and applications, identifying efficiencies for customers and more, Service Thread is in the process of implementing a transformative plan that will pave the way for the future of industrial thread manufacturing. 

Watch the company outlook video here or read the full transcription below.

We think we found a recipe for success and that’s to continue to innovate, to continue to look for opportunities to help customers who use industrial thread and industrial yarn products. We’re certainly not the biggest company that can do what we do, but what sets us apart, what makes us an innovator and what we see for the next five years - is nothing but opportunity to disrupt the industry by using the latest materials, by putting a sharp focus on how we can make our products better using modern technology and modern materials. 

We are passionate about understanding how our customers use their products and figuring out what we can do as a converter of products (that they use) to offer the best solution for our customers. 

  1. Instead of relying on the industry to make a product, we look at what the use of the product is and what the customer is trying to achieve. At the end of the day, we are then able to deliver a product on time that will work for the customer, and be better than what they can get anywhere else.
  1. We’re hands on with our customers. We go to our customers' businesses and see what they’re doing. We try to give them a product that works best for them, not something just off the shelf. We’ll go in and look at their equipment, we’ll suggest modifications based on what we’ve seen in other industries that might apply to their industry. This includes anything to help improve their process and keep them running material better.
  1.  We’re continually investing in our technology. Every year we spend between half a milion to a million dollars in capital investments and it’s all directly in our manufacturing operation and our processes.

We want our customers to go away from their experience with Service Thread feeling like they’re our only customer. That's our endpoint for all the investment, all the work that we do - everything we do is about satisfying that customer.

For our company, the secret to our success is to continually innovate, to never rest and never say good enough is good enough. We think good enough is the enemy of the best we can be.

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