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Customized for Your Processing Application

Revolutionize your operations with innovative yarn and thread solutions created by a team of dedicated engineers and experts. We meet your medium and large scale production needs across industries to streamline and strengthen your solutions:

Unlike standard products, ours are tailored to optimize performance in your operation. We combine our technical and engineering expertise to guide manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies to transform their operations and elevate their products. 


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Bright ideas from our team to yours.

We never stop learning, or sharing what we’ve learned! Here our team gives their take on current topics:

When a manufacturer is seeking a synthetic fiber that addresses heat and flame resistance, or one that demands extreme tensile strength, two materials immediately come to mind, the commercially...

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In today’s industrial textile manufacturing processes, spin finish plays an important role in the overall performance of Polyester Continuous Filament (CF) fibers and yarns. Nylon and polyester fiber...

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Synthetic textile yarns are used in low to medium pressure hose applications up to 300 psi as reinforcement. Circular Knitting and Spiral Wrapping are often used to integrate the reinforcing yarn...

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Unparalleled Service & Products to Match

Service Thread is committed to creating partnerships with the companies we serve, striving to deliver world-class materials and lifelong relationships. We’re proud to have partnered with industry greats. 
We’re turning the yarn and thread industry on its head and creating opportunities and optimizing processes for our clients while we do it. 

Our Clients Include:

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