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Process & Product Support for Industrial Yarn Processing and Sewing Machines

Every production process is designed specifically for its product. We want to understand your unique production needs. To meet your critical process and product requirements, we design, develop and deliver yarn types and package configurations just for you. 

With this customized approach, we can help you improve your yield, speed, and production efficiency. Run longer and cleaner. Enjoy higher yields with less waste. Minimize downtime.

Our larger cones, up to 25 pounds, are perfect for bag-making and closing. Our increased package density offers wind ratios with uniform payoff and minimum run outs during high-speed processing. Run wire and cable binding and braiding equipment longer, with cleaner performance.

Industrial Sewing Machine Parts Engineering

We work smart, source parts globally, and utilize state-of-the-art technologies. This means we can help your machinery operate with less wear and tear while improving performance, adding value, and providing the best operating conditions.

Our longer-lasting thread and bag-cutting knives streamline bag-closing work. And our improvements in creel design and parts have earned us lasting partnerships in the sling, wire and cable, webbing and beaming industries.

Selecting the Right Parts and Products

If you have additional questions about choosing the right parts and products for your production process, please reach out to the experts at Service Thread or browse our blog. We’re always available as a resource for you.

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