Benefits our distributors enjoy:

  • Brand Recognition. We are a leading thread manufacturer across many industries. We’ll help you boost profits!
  • Technical & Quality Support. We support you beyond the sale, through to the end user. Save time by transferring customer questions and concerns directly to us. We’re happy to help them.
  • Sales Referrals. We refer sales prospects within your region directly to you. If your proximity allows you to offer quicker service, shorter lead time and more responsive support, we’ll send them to you.
  • Preferred Pricing. You get preferred pricing and free or reduced freight rates depending on order size.
  • Drop Shipments. We ship from our warehouse directly to your customer, saving you the cost of inventory, time and freight. Cash flow is a good thing!
  • Online Order System. Enhance customer experience with our online order entry, shipment tracking and invoice history system.
  • Education. We’ll help you get more out of your networks by offering our product- and service-based support.

What we look for in a distributor:

  • Execution. A minimum of 40,000 pounds per year in sales in your available geographic area. (This is a strict requirement for businesses serving Eastern Canada, Latin America and South America.)
  • Reliability. Passing a business credit and quality systems review.
  • Dependability. A 12-month initial probationary partnership. Upon review this will extend to a 36-month renewable contract with volume and payment term commitments maintained.
  • Cooperation. Payment terms of 2/10 net 30 EFT.
  • Understanding. A visit to Service Thread’s manufacturing plant and distribution center for tours and an introduction to our team and corporate values.
  • Representation. Sell Service Thread-branded product. Private label product is not eligible for distributor pricing and freight rates.